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Gaylord Restore

Items Accepted

Furniture: In good condition; clean without stains, tears, rips, or odors! We take chairs, couches, (no sleeper sofas), recliners, end tables, coffee tables, dressers, chest of drawers, small student desks, bed frames, head boards and foot boards.                     

Appliances: Must be in working order! Refrigerators and freezers (with ice maker needs to be 2014 or newer), electric and gas appliances. White, almond, black or stainless; no green or gold colors! Air conditioners and flat screen tv's. (Flat screen only!) In working order, clean and less than 15 years old.                 

Cabinets: Kitchen, bath, counter tops, sinks, faucets (must be in working order and to code), and toilets.                

Flooring: Any new type in full boxes or rolls.

Lighting: New or like new fixtures and ceiling fans.  No fluorescent, halogen, sodium or CFL bulbs please.      

Windows: Newer in frame, 6’0” or less in size, no single pane windows or storm windows. Must be to code.

Doors: Good condition only (no holes, please).

Electrical: Switches, plugs, misc., etc.  

Hardware:  Hinges, doorknobs, nails, misc.

Tools: Power tools such as drills, hammers, saws with safety locks and no frayed cords! Garden tools that are in good working condition.

Plumbing: PVC pipe, fittings, etc.

Lumber: Dimensional lumber 4’0” or longer.

Roofing: Shingles, full bundles only!

Duct Work: New only!

Miscellaneous: Small appliances (without damaged cords), framed mirrors, pictures, pots & pans, dishes, ski equipment, and bicycles. Small wood stoves.
Unfortunately we are unable to accept some items for many different reasons. We can’t handle them safely; regulations or certifications exists for the type of product; there are end user safety issues for items we can’t be sure are safe to use (gas heaters, toys) and we don’t want someone to get hurt. And on occasion it is just because there is little market for them and our store is small with limited floor space.


Items NOT Accepted

Baskets, Holiday items and Toys,
Blinds and curtain rods,
Clothing, shoes and luggage,
Built-in cook tops or double ovens and dishwashers,
Water Heaters, and Furnaces,
Humidifiers, and Dehumidifiers,
Fluorescent lights, Halogen, Sodium and CFL bulbs,
Cast iron tubs and Shower doors,
Exercise equipment, Entertainment centers,
Pane windows or storm windows, 
Desks of any type (Press board, Metal or Wood).
​Mattresses,  and box springs new or old. 
Mirrors that are not framed/encased.
TV’s, Satellite/Computer equipment.
Linens, Bedspreads, Sheets, and Curtains.
Tires of any kind.
Bi-fold doors, doors with holes.
Paint or household chemicals.
Tile, High-Chairs, power tools missing safety locks.

Please remember to call BEFORE dropping items off! Weather is unpredictable and can ruin your good intentions!

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