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Home Ownership

These income guidelines are in effect until June 6, 2022. 

How Do I Qualify for an Otsego-Antrim Habitat for Humanity House? 

Otsego-Antrim Habitat for Humanity (OAHFH) builds simple, decent, affordable homes in partnership with those who need a better place to live, who would like to purchase their home but are unable to qualify for a traditional home mortgage. You should be ready to accept the responsibility of being a homeowner.

To be eligible to apply for a Habitat home, you must be a U.S. citizen or a permanent legal resident and cannot already own a home. If you can answer yes to those three questions, you may qualify to own a Habitat home. If it any point you feel that you would not qualify for a Habitat home we may be able to refer you to another program. Please call us at (989) 732-6070. 

Please note that when building is completed and an occupancy permit issued, homes are sold - NOT given to the partner family. The partner family will pay a monthly mortgage payment that includes taxes and insurance for 20-30 years.

Habitat families are selected based on the following criteria listed below. 
1. Ability to Pay - The future home owner partner must meet all of these conditions for consideration into our housing program:
     ⌂  Debt-To-Income ratio is 30% / 43% (this is to protect the buyer so that they will have income to afford
          other common living expenses after meeting the monthly mortgage obligation). 
     ⌂  Possess solid credit history with satisfactory payment of debts.
     ⌂  Be able to meet the terms of grant funding, and be able to place a deposit on the house.                                        2. Need - (The partner family must meet at least one condition under "Need"):
     ⌂  You were unable to obtain adequate housing through conventional means of a bank or government loan.
     ⌂  Your present housing is unsafe, in disrepair, or is not adaptable for disabled persons.
     ⌂  You cannot already own your home and have no permanent housing and either live in transient housing,
          with family, friends or in a shelter.
​3. Willingness To Partner - (The partner family must meet all these conditions):
     ⌂   Complete an application package.
     ⌂    Attend all required meetings, workshops and classes.
     ⌂    All families selected for the program will complete 200-350 hours of volunteer "Sweat Equity".
     ⌂    Willingness to accept available land for the location of the home and the design plan for the house.
4. Residency:
     ⌂ You must be a U.S. Citizen.
     ⌂ You must be a resident of Antrim or Otsego County for one full-year.
  Application for a Habitat for Humanity Home

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